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Three Deadlines for ICBC Claims

February 27 2018 , Written by Ron Miller Published on #injury, #attorney, #accident

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) in Canada is a public motor vehicle insurance provider that is for-profit. Basic coverage, known as Autoplan, is the mandatory minimum insurance on every vehicle registered and driven in British Columbia. The plan offers protection for under-insured motorists, third party liability, and hit-and-run accidents.

Coverage beyond Basic

The mission of ICBC is to provide coverage that is affordable for every driver. Additional coverage can be purchased via ICBC or a competitor. Comprehensive plans, collision, and extended liability are examples. It is important to remember that ICBC policies are secondary benefits. That means it is only used after all other insurance avenues have paid out up to maximum limits.

No-Fault Claims

Any person injured in a motor vehicle accident can put in a claim, regardless of who was at fault in the accident, or if no one was at fault. A vehicle skids on ice and hits a tree, for example. Unless the driver was speeding, under the influence, sleeping, or distracted no one is at fault. That driver is eligible to make an ICBC claim.

Hire a Lawyer before Making a Claim

Hiring an accident lawyer is wise because the claim process can be confusing. An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer is aware of all three deadlines that have to be met when filing a claim. Forms that have to be submitted are available at the office, and the lawyer can fill them out on behalf of the claimant.

The first deadline is thirty-six hours after the accident takes place. The ICBC must be notified that an accident occurred within that time period. No details are required and none should be provided by the claimant. The only information relayed at this time includes that an accident took place, where it took place, and who is making the call. Answer no questions until a lawyer has been consulted.

A Written Statement

A written statement has to be submitted within thirty days of the accident. The lawyer can do this on behalf of the claimant. Do not let ICBC write the statement when the offer is extended. It may be a public provider, but it is also a for-profit corporation. Like any other insurance carrier, the mandate to pay out as little money as possible motivates the company.

The third deadline is ninety days after the accident. This entails a completed proof of claim form that can also be handled by the lawyer. Injured parties can visit Acheson Law for a free consultation. You focus on recovery and let the lawyer focus on the case.

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